Looking to reset, unplug, expand your practice and deepen your knowledge base? Retreats are the perfect environment to do so.

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Take time for You

Unplug, relax, unwind. 

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Reconnect with yourself

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, 

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Key benefits from going on a retreat. 

What’s so great about a yoga retreat?

Today’s day and age don’t allow much for margin, downtime and taking a moment to stop and smell the roses.  It uses to be you would practice yoga and then have some time to think about it. To take a moment to look within to see what was actually coming up through your practice for you to look at and address. 

For the person practicing yoga in this modern age, you are lucky to give your self 5 min Shavasana before your back on your phone or at the office.  The pull and flow of life sucks you back into the fray often without us even realizing it. 

In comes the yoga retreat.  Yoga retreats force us to stop and give back to ourselves.  It forces rest, refocused, and retreat from the business of our regular lives.  It is a place where you can let yourself be cared for a bit. Let yourself be nurtured and fed (both figurative and literary).  It pulls you out of your day to day routines patterns and ruts and allows time for pause. This doesn’t mean that all yoga retreats are easy because some of them can be quite challenging.  They come in all shapes and sizes from very restorative and restful to very active and invigorating with hours of physically demanding practices for you to do. 

Taking a moment to reflect and ask yourself if you could use a break, a reset, a new uplifting infusion. 

If your life feels too busy out of control or a bit overwhelming and you are interested in yoga you might consider a yoga retreat.


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Rekindle an old flame: A return to self-love

Rekindle an old flame: A return to self love is all about taking time out to reconnect to that place in yourself that you can love again.









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