Looking to expand your practice and deepen your knowledge base? Workshops are the perfect environment to do so.

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Phil is an amazing instructor and healer.  The knowledge he brings to every event is so insightful intellectually and internally. I always feel a deeper sense of awareness & confidence in myself leaving his events and classes.

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Phil has such a natural talent, calming energy and a special gift that allows you to connect and learn in a caring learning environment.

Having the opportunity for a deeper learning environment is huge

Getting to focus in to teach and learn specific subject mater is just one of the many benefits from going to a workshop

Workshops offer the both the teacher and the students a chance to connect and learn at a deeper level. 

Group classes are fantastic, but if you want to learn private lessons, teacher training and workshops are essential.
They allow more time and space for explanation, exploration, integration.

You also get the chance to pick and chose the subject-matter of the workshop your attending! If you like arm balances, there's a workshop for that if you want to explore the chakras, there's one for that too.

Self-study and exploration are keys to deepening your yoga practice and understanding of the subject matter, turning it from this external headspace into an Inner Evolution.


Would you like Inner Evolution Yoga to do a workshop at your studio? 

Inner Evolution Yoga has many instructors we can recommend and workshops to offer contact us to share a workshop or wellness class with your studio or corporate event. 

March 14th 9:00-10:30am @ Vasa, Redlands, CA 

Handstands 101

Handstands 101- Learning to get into handstands can be tough.  This workshop will give you some great foundations so that your learning can not only be fun but also smart. 

  • Learn how to prepare for doing handstands. 
  • The skills and mobility needed to even begin a handstand practice.
  • Drills and practices to get you their faster.
  • Tools and techniques on how to take care of your self after a handstand practice.  
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